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24 place Vertical Plastic Staining Rack, Tissue Tek*

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A 24 slide capacity plastic staining rack to be used with the Tissue Tek* green and white staining buckets with lids. Removal of the detachable handle allows the rack to remain in the staining bucket and the lid to then be fitted.

The complete staining set consists of 2 green buckets with lids, 10 white buckets with lids and a rectangular frame to hold them in a row on the bench. All components of the set are available individually.

Matching staining bucket with lid, green (xylene resistant) is Cat. No. 4456

Matching staining bucket with lid, white is Cat. No. 4457

The complete set is Cat. No. 4451

Further details are under Staining in the 'Staining Dishes, Jars, Troughs' folder.


*Tissue Tek is a regd. trademark of Sakura Finetek.


Catalogue Number: 4465

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