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Pump-GT pump pack

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These pumps seal into the drum opening. Using the plunger on the top of the pump then pressurizes the drum and allows controlled dispensing of the fluid. The pumps are suitable for drums up to 200 litres in capacity. Some metal drums have sharp edges within the opening. These drums require an adaptor to be screwed on to the drum and then the pump sealed into the adaptor, preventing the sharp edges damaging the pump seal. The adaptor is listed separately.


1. Select the colour of pump required by the type of fluid to be transferred. (See table below).

2. Select the size of seal to fit the opening of the drum - small, medium or large. The external diameters vary, the internal diameters are all the same dimension.

3.Wind the large ring on the pump body all the way up, exposing the maximum length of the black tube with the flared end.

4.Push the seal all the way on, beyond the flared end.

5.Use the joiners to fit the appropriate number of syphon tubes onto the pump to allow the tubes to reach the bottom of the drum. Fit the syphon tube end stop to the lowest end.

5.Push the pump with the seal and syphon tubes into the drum opening and then wind the large ring on the pump body down. This action pulls the flared end up into the seal, expanding it and sealing the pump onto the drum.

6.Pressurize the drum with 5 - 6 pumps.

7.Dispense the liquid with the dual action tap lever designed to give either continuous or metered flow.

8. See for more information.

Catalogue Number: See table below
Type of fluidSeal colour to suitCat.No.
Water based liquids and food products
Oils and general chemicals eg. Ethanol
Agressive chemicals eg. Xylene
Blue (EPDM)
Red (Nitrile)
Green (Viton)

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