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Peel- a-way moulds

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 The 'old style' peel-a-way embedding moulds are still available and come in several different sizes. The stated size refers to the dimensions of the base ie: the eventual block face.

The tissue is embedded into the mould in the normal way and after the mould is filled with wax a block identification label is inserted on one side.

Once the wax has solidified the mould is peeled away one side at a time and discarded, leaving a labelled block to section. The block is usually melted on to a solid base or chuck to allow it to then be clamped into a thumbscrew type block clamp on the microtome. A razor blade is often also used to reduce the size of the block face, thus maximizing the number of sections per slide.

The advantage of using peel a way moulds is the 25mm depth each mould provides.

288 per box.

Catalogue Number: See table below
12 x 12mm
22 x 22mm
22 x 30mm
22 x 40mm

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