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Ampoule opener, 'Snapit'

The SnapIt Ampoule Opener

Healthcare professionals use millions of glass ampoules each year. Breakages, cuts and contamination of contents have always been an OH&S concern and can result in personal injuries, infections and wasted products.

The Snapit multi-use ampoule opener is simple, safe and cost-effective. Protect yourself with a once off investment that will bring you ongoing convenience and safety.

Easy to Use

  1. Insert the ampoule lid into the Snapit./li>
  2. Snap open the ampoule.
  3. Eject the ampoule lid into a sharps bin.

Features and Benefits

  • Avoid sharps injuries by not opening ampoules by hand.
  • Both hands are kept away from the ampoule neck where the glass breaks.
  • Breaking open the ampoule is effortless due to the extended lever action.
  • Reusable, made of long lasting anodized aluminium.
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning manually or in an autoclave.
  • Pocket sized Snapits include a ring at one end to attach it to a lanyard.
  • Trolley edition Snapits are flat on one side, to prevent rolling on a trolley or bench.
  • Australian designed.
Catalogue Number: See table below - Images to be added soon
OrderingCat.No.Approx. ampoule sizeColour
Pocket size ('Nurse')
Trolley edition, Regular
Trolley edition, Large
1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15ml
1-2ml, 5-10ml, 10-15ml
5-10ml, 10-15ml, 20-25ml

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