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O.C.T. Embedding Compound

Scigen Tissue-Plus

Embedding medium for frozen tissue specimens to ensure Optimal Cutting Temperature (O.C.T) for In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) use.

O.C.T. Compound is a water-soluble blend of glycols and resins that provides a convenient specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning at temperatures of -10 °C and below.

O.C.T. Compound does not leave residue on slides during staining procedures, eliminating undesirable background staining. Dissected tissue, mounted in O.C.T. Compound can be frozen between -20 °C and -80 °C.

Developed and optimized for chromogenic IHC experiments. O.C.T. Compound will not dull microtome blades.

Available in an individual 118 mL (4 oz) squeeze bottle, or a carton of 12 bottles.

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Scigen Tissue-Plus
Scigen Tissue-Plus
4 oz bottle
Carton of 12 bottles