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Stains, Cytology


Code Stain Unit Size
Cytology Fixative
CYT-200 Cytology Spray Fixative Pump Pack 200 mL
CYT-R1L Cytology Spray Fixative Refill 1 L
EA50-500 Eosin Light Green 500 mL
EA50-1L Eosin Light Green 1 L
EA50-5L Eosin Light Green 5 L
Gill Orange
OG6-500 Gill Orange 500 mL
OG6-1 Gill Orange 1 L
OG6-5L Gill Orange 5 L
Rapid Stain
RS1-500 Rapid Stain I (Eosin) 500 mL
RS1-1L Rapid Stain I (Eosin) 1 L
RS1-5L Rapid Stain I (Eosin) 5 L
RS11-500 Rapid Stain II (Methylene Blue) 500 mL
RS11-1L Rapid Stain II (Methylene Blue) 1 L
RS11-5L Rapid Stain II (Methylene Blue) 5 L
RSF-500 Rapid Stain Fixative 500 mL
RSF-5L Rapid Stain Fixative 5 L