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August 2016 Why risk your data? Use ultra inert GC columns and deactivated inlet liners
July 2016 Request your free expert guide to SGE Diamond Syringes
June 2016 New Ultra Inert GC Column and TI Inlet Liner
May 2016 Trajan is your contact for the Grace Davisil Silica and Chem Service Standards portfolio in Australia and New Zealand
November 2015 New and Improved MiPlatform for Your Smartphone and Microscope
November 2015 Small Change to Shipping from 14 December
August 2015 Free Pack of SGE Inlet Liners
July 2015 Compliance with New TGA Requirements
June 2015 Grale HDS Service Enhanced through Trajan
March 2015 Free SGE SilTite GC Connections Sample and 30% off Orders
December 2014 Happy Holidays and End of Year Specials
November 2014 Jam-Free Block Storage, Better Standard Prep, Stain Range and Glove Sale
October 2014 Reduce Risk with DPX new, Snap Blood and Protect Your Hands
September 2014 Win a MiPlatform to Transform Your Smartphone in the Laboratory
August 2014 Makeover for Grale HDS Slides and Coverslips, plus a New Chromatography Range
May 2014 Snap open ampoules in safety
March 2014 A New Tool for Easy Embedding - HistoPress from Grale HDS