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Stains, Haematology


Code Description Unit Size
GMSA-500 Giemsa 500 mL
GMSA-1 Giemsa 1 L
GMSA-2.5L Giemsa 2.5 L
GMSA-5 Giemsa 5 L
JEN500 Jenner's Stain 500 mL
JEN1L Jenner's Stain 1 L
LESH-10G Leishman 10 g
LESH-25 Leishman 25 g
LESH-100G Leishman 100 g
LEISH/1 Leishman 1 L
May Grunwald
MG-25 May Grunwald Powder 25 g
MG-100 May Grunwald Powder 100 g
MG-1L May Grunwald 0.3% 1 L
MG-2.5 May Grunwald 0.3% 2.5 L
MG500 May Grunwald 0.3% 500 mL
MG5L May Grunwald 0.3% 5 L
MG.9-5L May Grunwald 0.9% 5 L
MA004/10P Methanol AR (plastic) 10 L
MA004/20P Methanol AR (plastic) 20 L
PERLA-500 Perls' Stain A 500 mL
PERLB-500 Perls' Stain B 500 mL
Rapid Stain
RS1-500 Rapid Stain I (Eosin) 500 mL
RS1-1L Rapid Stain I (Eosin) 1 L
RS1-5L Rapid Stain I (Eosin) 5 L
RS11-500 Rapid Stain II (Methylene Blue) 500 mL
RS11-1L Rapid Stain II (Methylene Blue) 1 L
RS11-5L Rapid Stain II (Methylene Blue) 5 L
RSF-500 Rapid Stain Fixative 500 mL
RSF-5L Rapid Stain Fixative 5 L
SF.1-500 Safranin 0.1% 500 mL
SF.5-500 Safranin 0.5% 500 mL
SCHF100 Schiff Reagent 100 mL
SCHF500 Schiff Reagent 500 mL
Sorensen Buffer
SOR-1LC Sorensen Buffer Concentrate 1 L
SOR-5LC Sorensen Buffer Concentrate 5 L
SOR-1L Sorensen Buffer pH 6.8 1 L
WR-500 Wright's 500 mL
WR-1L Wright's 1 L
WR-5L Wright's 0.3% 5 L
WRGM-500 Wright's Giemsa 0.3% 500 mL
WRGM-5L Wright's Giemsa 0.3% 5 L